about me 
I design and create artwork for live performances, film, and installation.  My work investigates themes of queer ecology, biophilia and otherness.
I am the co-founder and artistic director of collective Petri Delights.  We create dance performances, with design as the catalyst for narrative. We make experimental costumes and sculptures, inviting performers, choreographers and sound/AV artists to collaborate.
 I am working towards a zero-waste practice as a creative freelancer, and run stage design + sustainability workshops for young people.  I am currently developing an online course based on nature, culture and creativity in conjunction with the Kerulos Center for Nonviolence.
I graduated in 2019 from Central Saint Martins, where I was nominated for the Mullen-Lowe Nova Award for Outstanding Creative Talent.  I have since shown work around the UK and internationally at festivals, venues, and online platforms.
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